Hatha Yoga

down dogThe classic path of HATHA YOGA…
The word yoga means ‘unity’ and is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to join. The goal of yoga is to create balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit and awakening a deep sense of the divine within.
The physical approach of Hatha Yoga allows us time to slow down and be reflective of our body, thoughts and feelings and align ourselves with the present.
Among the many, many benefits of yoga – structural alignment of muscles, joints and bones can help alleviate any abnormalities of posture and restore spinal balance, thus preventing osteoarthritis from undue wear and tear. Stress reduction is enhanced by calming the parasympathetic nervous system and the endocrine system (hormones) finds it’s optimum equilibrium, bringing about a greater sense of ‘wellbeing’.
The participant develops a stronger immune system, improved breathing, increased clarity and calmness.
Yoga can be an art form, a science or philosophy. The classes available are an inroad to the study of this ancient system. The many postures (asanas) are mostly do-able and if poses are not suitable there are limitless variations for you to practice.